Flash, web design and SEO

It is no secret, but still a lot of website owners don’t consider that having a nice and fancy looking website is only the first half of the equation. When talking to prospects or new clients I always explain it like this.

A website is like a digital window of a store. The purpose of this digital shop window is to present your products, your services, and your company to your target audience in order to make them become a new client or customer.

what a shop window looks like

What most business owners don’t consider is that you can have the nicest shop window (web-site) that can be built. It can include the best Flash applications you have ever seen. But, once it goes live on the Internet nobody will see it.

Yes, it’s true. You have just invested a good amount of money and your time into building a nice looking website that nobody will see. The piece of the puzzle which is missing is the traffic. You need to make sure that as many people as possible out of your target audience will see your newly made digital shop window.

There are two ways to get the visitors that you need. You can either take advantage of paid online advertising like Google AdWords, Facebook PPC or media buys. Or you can opt for optimizing your website for the search engines by taking advantage of SEO.

Since it is always a good strategy to use both traffic sources in your business, we need to talk a bit about search engine optimization and how it works with Flash.

The problem with Flash and SEO Nürnberg is that Google can’t read the source code of a Flash application. It’s the same with videos and images. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to think twice whether you need a flash website or not.

Building a website based on HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages a browser can interpret makes it much easier to optimize it for great rankings in the search engines.

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