Flash, web design and SEO

It is no secret, but still a lot of website owners don’t consider that having a nice and fancy looking website is only the first half of the equation. When talking to prospects or new clients I always explain it like this.

A website is like a digital window of a store. The purpose of this digital shop window is to present your products, your services, and your company to your target audience in order to make them become a new client or customer.

what a shop window looks like

What most business owners don’t consider is that you can have the nicest shop window (web-site) that can be built. It can include the best Flash applications you have ever seen. But, once it goes live on the Internet nobody will see it.

Yes, it’s true. You have just invested a good amount of money and your time into building a nice looking website that nobody will see. The piece of the puzzle which is missing is the traffic. You need to make sure that as many people as possible out of your target audience will see your newly made digital shop window.

There are two ways to get the visitors that you need. You can either take advantage of paid online advertising like Google AdWords, Facebook PPC or media buys. Or you can opt for optimizing your website for the search engines by taking advantage of SEO.

Since it is always a good strategy to use both traffic sources in your business, we need to talk a bit about search engine optimization and how it works with Flash.

The problem with Flash and SEO Nürnberg is that Google can’t read the source code of a Flash application. It’s the same with videos and images. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to think twice whether you need a flash website or not.

Building a website based on HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages a browser can interpret makes it much easier to optimize it for great rankings in the search engines.

A great agency that can help you with solving these issues is kundenstrom – Webdesign Nürnberg from Germany. They are highly skilled digital marketers with a huge expertise in the field of search engine optimization, paid advertising and web development.

In case you are looking to get new business from Google, Bing and Yahoo you should head over to their website an contact them.

Another great resource that I’d like to recommend is http://seonuernberg.com/webdesign/

Great hosting for flash websites

When you use flash to build your website, you want to create a great user experience for your visitors. The better the experience is that people have who are coming to your website the longer they will stay and the more likely they will convert into customers or clients.

So how do you create a great user experience?

Of course, a very important factor is the design of your website, it’s structure and most importantly the speed of how fast it loads. Load time is also a very important factor in regards to search engine optimization. But, this is not what we want to cover in today’s post. In this article, we want to focus on the user experience and how it is affected by load time.

The way load time has an influence on the user experience is quite obvious. If your site takes too long to load or if your web application does not run smoothly enough, almost every visitor will leave your site right away.

Since it takes some time to turn a visitor into a customer or client, the conversion rate of your website will increase with the time people spend on your site.

A key factor to ensure quick load times of a website and to have a web application running in a smooth fashion; is fast web hosting. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to find a reliable, fast and stable web hosting service. There are so many companies that are offering web hosting, but a lot of them are offering very low quality.

Last week I found two great web hosting blogs that offer some great advice in order to find the best hosting for your needs.

The first site is “Cheap Web Hosting Solutions“, which is a great resource for everything related to shared web hosting.

The second site I found is “Anatolia Hosting Co.“, which is also a great resource to finding reliable and fast hosting companies for your flash websites.

As I have already stated above, hosting your website on a fast and reliable server will help to load your site as fast as possible. Therefore, I highly recommend taking a closer look on both sites mentioned above in this post. They provide great education on web hosting, which will help you to pick the best hosting company for your needs.

How to build a Flash Website from Scratch

Today I want to share with you a great tutorial on how to build a flash website from scratch.

I just came across this video and thought that I have to share it with my readers immediately.

If you have no experience with Flash yet, this is not a big deal. The tutorial video below explains everything in great detail. Even a flash newbie can follow the instructions and build his first website with flash.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you like this tutorial and if it was helpful for you. Since it is my goal to provide awesome content about developing websites with flash, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Flash: The Pros and Cons

Adobe Flash has been the premier technology for website design since its introduction in 1996. Originally known as ‘Macromedia Flash’, a plug-in based application is used in animation, advertisement, web page video embedding, and the creation of interactive applications. Flash is a highly useful and ubiquitous web design tool with a huge number of advantages; however it is not without its flaws. When deciding on whether to use Flash as the basis for your website’s design, you should take the following into consideration.

One of the biggest advantages of using Flash to design your web content is its sheer level of compatibility. Because of the widespread usage of Flash (with close to universal adaptation), there are few issues associated with user uptake. However, one notable obstacle to the widespread acceptance of Flash has been Apple’s decision to boycott Flash support in its iOS based devices. This, along with Flash’s resource hungry reputation (the main reason that Apple CEO Steve Jobs cited for not supporting Flash) has discouraged some website designers from adopting the software.

In deciding whether Flash is the best option for your website, there are a few factors worth considering. Because some users may encounter compatibility issues when it comes to Flash, it is recommended that Flash is not used for navigation, or any other vital component of your website. Aside from the fact that navigation with Flash can be cumbersome (for example, a browser’s ‘back’ button cannot be used), given that it is a plug-in which requires a download, a user’s adoption of Flash should never be presumed. Additionally, if rankings in search results are important (as they often are) Flash can be a handicap for your website. Search engines are typically unable to read Flash content, meaning sites that use a high level of Flash integration face this difficult problem. This is often bypassed by a site being kept in a duplicate HTML version, which is also a good option for sidestepping accessibility issues.

Flash can be a great tool for web designers. Its popularity and utility for creating animation, interactivity and slick design make Flash a great choice for many web-based projects. However, if your project doesn’t depend on heavily (or at all) on any of these factors, it may be worth considering another option. At the end of the day, some people simply don’t like Flash. Whether this is due to its high resource demands, requirement of a downloaded plug-in for use or clunky navigation issues, Flash is not for everyone – nor is it for every web design issue.

Video 1 – Pros and Cons of Flash

Video 2 – Pros and Cons of using Adobe Flash